Buy the Paperback, get the Ebook Free

Kindle MatchBook logo
On Tuesday, Amazon announced Kindle MatchBook, to be launched in October. The idea is a simple one: If you buy a paper book from Amazon that is enrolled into the program, you will be able to buy the corresponding Kindle book at a reduced price (maximum of $2.99) or for free. This also applies to any eligible books that you’ve already bought from Amazon.

I have enrolled all three of my paperbacks: A Fleet in Being, Red Steel, and The Bear Marches West. Once the program goes live, the Kindle versions of these books will be free if you buy the paperback. If you’ve already bought the paperback, you’ll be able to download the Kindle version for free.

The press release doesn’t make it clear whether this will be US-only or if it will apply to all Amazon stores, but a query to Amazon confirmed that it is only available to US customers, so some of my readers won’t be able to take advantage of this. Hopefully it will be rolled out to other stores later, but in the meantime, my non-US readers need not despair. All my paperback titles at Wargame Vault can be bought as a paperback + ebook bundle for the same cost as the paperback. The ebooks come in Mobi (for Kindle), ePub (for other ereaders) and PDF. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, A Fleet in Being isn’t currently available in paperback at Wargame Vault. I hope to rectify that soon.